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Interested in working from home making $25 - $45 per hour? 

Start working towards your career today as a certified medical coder today with our affordable and flexible program. 

Here at Hope of St. James we strive every day to cater to each individual student's financial and scheduling needs.


What is Medical Coding? 

What are my prospects as a coder?

What can Hope of St. James offer me? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Coding is the assignment of alphanumeric codes to medical diagnoses and procedures performed on a patient. The coders read and analyze a patient's medical record, then assign codes to the diagnoses and procedures. These codes are then used for hospital reimbursement.


The demand for Medical Coders is expected to increase significantly in coming years.The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 21% increase in employment opportunities for health information technicians (including Medical Coders). Their 2013 Occupational Outlook Handbook projected that 37,700 more health information technicians will be employed by 2020.


An increasing trend in the coding industry is working from the comfort of your own home. Employees can now save time and money by eliminating the commute to and from work.

Hope of St. James provides the comprehensive training new coders need to gain that extra edge in a competitive job market. Upon completing the Hope of St. James curriculum, students will be prepared to pass the Certified Coding Specialist Exam. Once certified, the opportunities are numerous. You can work on site in hospitals, physician's offices, billing companies, registries, auditing offices, etc.

Don't want to work in a cubicle? No problem. You can choose to work from the comfort of your own home.


Students who graduate from Hope of St. James have the opportunity to jump start a fulfilling career in a stable, growing industry. Medical coding is more than just a career for us. Medical Coding is an opportunity to provide for your family. It is an opportunity to join a community of professionals who support each other.


Hope of St. James pledges to support students from the day you enroll, until the end of your medical coding career.

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